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Witherby Seamanship International Ltd, is a specialist publisher of marine training, reference and regulatory materials, providing the finest books and publications to the shipping industry.


Seamanship Library

A single DVD-ROM containing over 60,000 pages of International Regulations and marine guidance information.

Titles include:
ISGOTT 5th Ed, SOLAS, MARPOL, STCW '95, IGC Code, Assembly Resolutions 1-24, US CFR's, M-Notices, LGHP and 140+ further titles.

Annual Subscription / 3 monthly updates.

September 2007 - Now includes:
GMDSS Manual 2007
FSS 2007
SOLAS Consolidated 2006 Ammendments


  Seamanship Training 2007

Seamanship Training incorporates "Safety Essentials Training" (SET). The modules that comprise SET, which were originally developed in conjunction with Shell, have been designed to provide awareness and basic training on a number of topics that are primary sources of Lost Time Incidents (LTIs), accidents and fatalities

Hazardous Chemical Database

The Hazardous Chemical Database is an essential reference tool for professionals within the chemical industry. Once loaded onto your laptop, desktop PC or network, the Hazardous Chemicals Database offers you all the information and advice you will need for safe and compliant chemical shipments, storage and usage. The Hazardous Chemicals Database has been developed to provide front-line response information in an understandable, user-friendly manner.

Navigational Competence Assessment Tool

Used to assess navigational competency of deck officers at interview stage or as an extremely powerful tool for coaching deck officers onboard ship.

General Rules for Tankers Owned or Operating in the USA

A new 800 page title, in a fully searchable format, that provides recommendations and guidance for tankers trading into the USA.

Gas Library

A brand new CD-ROM that contains a wealth of information on the liquefied gas industry. This CD brings the largest collection of liquefied gas information for merchant shipping both LPG and LNG to a single source, offering powerful search and cross-searching possibilities across it.

Petroleum Measurement Tables

This program is the electronic version of the ASTM D 1250-80 Petroleum Measurement Tables, volumes I to IX and XI to XIV (revised tables published in 1980). It also includes the tables 53 and 54 from the ASTM Petroleum Measurement Tables for Light Hydrocarbon Liquids (Density Range 0.500 to 0.653 Kg/litre at 15°C). Note: The tables, from the 1953 metric edition, are still used for liquid petroleum gases (LPGs).

Surveyors Guidance

This surveyor’s guidance CD Rom contains 1,500 pages of electronic documentation, which is essential reference material for surveyors, ship superintendents and ship staff.

LPG Ship to Ship Transfer

A program to assist the Master/Chief Officer of a storage or lightening vessel, which is discharging to LPG offloading vessels. This prepares all the ships papers: Statement of Facts; Bill of Lading; Cargo Manifest; Certificates of Quality/Quantity/Origin; Receipt of Documents.

LNG Images for Educational Use

This is a set of high resolution computer modelled graphics of LNG vessels, cargo-phases and equipment. The images have been prepared in response to demand from colleges, schools and training centres for quality graphics to enrich classroom presentation and study material.

LNG - Familiarisation (Advanced Induction)

This is a familiarisation package to assist with:

*The training and familiarisation of officers and crews onboard LNG Carriers

*Familiarisation with the Liquefied Natural Gas midstream transport cycle for managers.

Celestial Navigation (ASNAv)

This program calculates your position by means of observations of stars or planets (a nautical almanac is not required). The user enters only his estimated position and the sextant altitudes of stars, planets, sun or moon. The program computes and plots the most probable position and an ellipse of probability around it, together with the lines of position (LOPs). Also includes applications for: star fix wizard, azimuth, rhumb line, great circle and ETA

Merchant Shipping Notices & Statutory Instruments on CD

CD-ROM with UK M Notices, MGN's, MIN's and Statutory Instruments. This CD is recognised by the MCA and the Bahamian Maritime Authority for carriage onboard ship.
Annual Subscription / 2 monthly updates.

Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.

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