Air Dryer 1000
Air Dryer 500
Anchor Chain Cleaner - chain 1/4" - 5/16" (6-8mm)
Anchor Chain Cleaner - chain 3/8" - 1/2" (10-13mm)
Anchor Holder
Anchor with Chain (50 kgs)
Anemometer (Plastic)
Anemometer Handheld
Anemometer Mast Mound
Anemoscope / Anemometer
Artificial Horizon
Artificial Horizon (INCOMPLETE)
Artificial Horizon (Second Hand)
Autocharge Alternator Control
Automatic Water Light and Rock (w/ box)
Bar Knife
Barograph Classic (w/ box)
Barograph Dampened Deluxe
Barometer / Clock - Quartz / Temperature
Barometer 15CR, CHROME 100M, FISCHER
Barometer 15MS, BRASS 10025M, FISCHER (w/ box)
Bell Bras with Navy Blue Lanyard 5"
Bell Brass 6" Mounted on 9x12" High Gloss Mahogany Plaque with Brass Plate
Bell Brass Deluxe 6" (150mm)
Bell Brass Deluxe 7.5" (190mm) (w/ box)
Bell Brass Deluxe 8" (210mm) (w/ box)
Bell Brass with 4"
Bell Brass with Lanyard 5"
Bell Brass with Lanyard 6"
Bell Brass with Lanyard 7"
Bell Brass with Lanyard 8.5"
Bell Brass with Navy Blue Lanyard 4"
Bell Brass with Navy Blue Lanyard 6"
Binocular 10 X 50 Aerolite
Binocular 5 X 50 Military Type (WATERPROOF)
Binocular 6 X 30 Oceanic
Binocular 7 X 15 X 35 ZOOM (CHINA)
Binocular 7 X 50 Quick Focus
Binocular 7 X 50 Sea King Waterproof NIGHT VISION
Binocular 7 X 50 Seawolf
Binocular 7X50 Center Focus (w/ box)
Binocular 7X50 w/ Compass Individual Focus (w/ box)
Binocular Marine 7X50 Navy One - Night Vision (w/ box)
Bi-Rola Rule
Bi-Rola Rule 18"
Bluewater Barometer Aneroid
Bluewater Thermometer
Bluewater TIme and Tide Clock
Card - Quick Reference Boating Guide (new boaters: safe boating practices) (2 Ed. 1989)
Card - Quick Reference Boating Guide (small craft seamanship and safety) 2001 3rd Ed.
Card - Quick Reference Clean & Green Boating (99 things you can do to keep your waterways clean) 1998
Card - Quick Reference Coastwise Piloting (2nd Edition 1998)
Card - Quick Reference Coastwise Piloting 1984
Card - Quick Reference Galley Notes 1996
Card - Quick Reference Marine Electronics (communications and troubleshooting) 1998 3rd Ed.
Card - Quick Reference Marine Electronics (electronic navigation) 1986 2nd Ed.
Card - Quick Reference Navigation Rules (international colregs) 1999 2nd Ed.
Card - Quick Reference Navigation Rules (united states aids to navigation) 2001 6th Edition
Card - Quick Reference Racing Rules (racing rules of sailing for 1997 - 2000) 1997 4th Ed.
Card - Quick Reference Racing Rules (skippers: use card to brief crew) 1989 2nd Ed.
Card - Quick Reference Sightings at Sea (seabirds, sharks, flags, ships, boats, sea turtles) 1994
Card - Quick Reference Weather Forecasting 1998
Card - Quick Refernece Celestial Navigation (complete sight reduction system for sun and stars) 1999
Catarman Wind Indicator
Charging Diode
Chart Case
Chart Case / Holder
Chart Case / Holder - Telescoping 24" to 47"
Chart Correction Template USA
Chart Light - Goose Neck Chart Light
Charting Kit
Charting Kit (old stock)
Chartlite 12 Volt SOD
Chartweight Clock - Brass (w/ box)
Chartweight Compass - Brass
Chartweight Magnifier - Brass
Chartweight Magnifier - Nickel
Chartweight Magnifier and Pen - Brass
Chartweight Magnifier and Pen - Nickel
Chartweight Thermometer - Brass
Chartweight Thermometer - Nickel
Chartweight Thermometer and Pen - Brass
Chartweight Thermometer and Pen - Nickel
Chipping Hammer
Clear Drops Lamp (Short)
Clear Drops Lamp (Tall)
Clinometer - Acu-rite
Clinometer - Rieker
Commodore's Set (Clock and Barometer) (w/ box)
Compass (w/ box)
Compass (w/ box)
Compass Binacle
Compass Lensatic
Compass Pocket
Compass Pocket
Compass Ritchie
Compass Ritchie
Compass RItchie
Compass Ritchie
Compute A Course Plotter
Course Plotter
Cutter Collection Quartz Clock (w/ box)
Cutter Plaque (Clock and Barometer) (w/ box)
DC Monitor Power
Deckhand Boating Pouch
Distress / Signal Flares (3 flares) (EXPIRED)
Divider 6" Straight Pattern Brass
Divider 6" Ten Point
Divider 7" Led Light Divider with batteries
Divider 7" One Hand
Divider 7" Removeable Point Dividers
Divider 7" Single Hand Brass
Divider 7" Straight Pattern Brass
Divider 7" Straight Pattern Matte Nickle
Divider 7" Traditional Dividers
Divider 7" Ultralight Dividers / Compass
Divider 8" One Hand Brass
Divider 8" Stainless Steel Points
Divider 8" Straight Pattern Brass
Divider 8" Traditional Dividers
Divider Millenium Navigation Kit (2 pcs. set)
Divider Millennium 6"
Divider Pocket
Divider Proportional (set)
Divider Spare Pencil (15 leds)
Divider Spare Pencil (2 leds)
Eastport Tide Clock (w/ box)
Electronic Barometer (Silver / Gray)
Emergency Radar Reflector
EPIRB (FM APOLINARIO Php 89,600 including permit))
Extra Vane
Extra Wind-Tel Vane Set
Fender Tender II - pair
Fish Finder FURUNO FCV-620 5.6" Colored
Fish Finder LS-6100
Freedom Flashlight
Galileo Hand Held Navigation Computer
Gimballed Clock Box - Chronometer
Gloves (Telo Polar Grip (cold weather boating gloves) - Large
Gloves (Telo Polar Grip (cold weather boating gloves) - Medium
GPS 120 (w/ box)
GPS 120 with Antenna (w/ box)
GPS Plotter
Hand Bearing Compass
Handflare Distress Signal
Handheld Radio
Handheld Radio 2-way (JAPAN)
Handi-lens Wran & Chart Reading Aid
Handtite - tool less clamp (1 1/8"-3" 29mm-76mm)
Handtite - tool less clamp (1/2"-1 1/4" 13mm-32mm)
Heu Wrist Yacht Timer
Holdz-it (securely holds electronic devices)
Hydrometer Chase (.940) (w/ box)
Hydrometer Chase (.995)
Hygrometer 111 / 5MS
Hygrometer 111/CR
Hygrometer Taylor (Wet and Dry Bulb - Mason's Type) (w/ box)
Hygrometer Wet and Dry
Hygrometer Wet and Dry Thermometer
Lamp Fuel
Led Cluster Cord
Led Clusters
Led Clusters
Life Jacket Light
Life Jacket Light
Life Vest (orange)
Lifeboat [4 PERSON A X 2]
Light Pen (Translucent Blue)
LightWedge Night Vision
Magnalight (w/ box)
Magnifying (bell shape, black)
Magnifying (big, black)
Magnifying (doublet, silver)
Magnifying (maroon cover)
Magnifying (small, black, 2 magnifying)
Magnifying (small, black, w/ stand)
Magnifying (square, black)
Magnifying (swift)
Magnifying (transparent)
Manifying (big, white)
Marine Hydrometer "Zeal" England
Medium Packmate (Single)
Mega Light
Mounting Pole Kit
Mounting Tripod
Nautical Slide Rule
Naviational Triangle (Sestrel)
Navigator Tide Clock
Navitote, Navigation tool carry case
Navpak Plotting Tool Kit
Night Star
Night Star (w/ box)
Night Watch Tide Clock (w/ box)
Nightwatch Quartz Clock
Ocean Quartz Clock - Brass
Ocena Quartz Clock - Nickel
Oily Water Separators and Monitoring Equipments
One Arm Protractor
Open Link Chain
Open/Close Choke
Orion Quartz Clock (w/ box)
Orion Ship Bell
Orion Ship Bell w/ Photoluminescent Dial
P/C Celestial Navigation Kit
Parachute Red Rocket MK-8 (F.M. Apolinario 2400)
Parachutte Flare
Parachutte Player
Parallel Ruler 12" w/ Aluminum Arms
Parallel Ruler 12" w/ Protractor Scale 305mm
Parallel Ruler 15" - Plain
Parallel Ruler 15" w/ Aluminum Arms
Parallel Ruler 15" w/ Aluminum Arms (DAMAGE)
Parallel Ruler 15" w/ Protractor Scale and Brass Arms 381mm (DAMAGE)
Parallel Ruler 18" w/ Protractor Scale 457mm
Parallel Ruler 18" w/ Protractor Scale 457mm (DAMAGE)
Parallel Ruler 21"
Parallel Ruler 24"
Parallel Ruler 24" w/ protractor scale 610mm
Pencils (6 Pack) #12
Perception II (Weather Station) (w/ box)
Portable Dock Ring
Portable Percent Meter
Portawatts 300 - DC to AC Power Inverter
Porthole - Clock / Thermometer / Hygrometer (w/ box)
Practical Navigator - GPS (w/ box)
Practical Navigator Calculator NC-99
Professional Brass Pencil Compass
Protractor 5" Square
Protractor 5" Square
Protractor Nautical 2800M
Protractor Three Arm
Protractor Three Arm
Protractor Triangle
ProtractorTriangle w/o Handle and w/ all black scale
ProtractorTriangle with Handle
Radar Plotting Board Set - radar collision avoidance and current plotting board
Radio Room Quartz Clock - Brass
Radio Room Quartz Clock - Brass (damaged)
Rain Collector - Inches (w/ box)
Rain Collector II, 0.2 mm. Increments (w/ box)
Rain Guage - Large (w/ box)
Rain Guage - Small (w/ box)
Ranging 1000 - Rangematic (SCOPE) (w/ box)
Red Aerial Flares - 12 guage marine (EXPIRED)
Replacement Bulb (G.E. #1447)
Rigging Knife - Deluxe
Rocket Signal
Roller Choke
Ruler Parallel 21"
Ruler Parallel 24"
Sail Maintenance Kit
SCOPE - 7X50 Multi-Coated (Carl Zeiss - Jena) 5443983
SCOPE - Searcher 20x and 40x 60mm (w/ box)
SCOPE 20x50
SCOPE 4x40
Sea Anchor
Sea Painter Hook
Self Igniting Light
Sextant - Mark 15
Sextant - Mark 25 Deluxe
Sextant - Mark 3
Sextant (Tamaya Jupiter Sextant with Light without scope)
Sextant (Tamaya Marine Sextant with 4x40 Scope)
Sextant De Luxe (w/ wooden case) CELESTAIRE
Sky Alert - Parafoil Rescue Kite
Skywatch - Waterproof Pocket Windmeter (w/ cover)
Slide Rule Celestial
Sling Psychrometer Taylor
Sling Psychrometer Taylor (DAMAGE)
Smoke Signal
Snatch Block
Solaris Desk Clock
South Beach Quartz Clock
Spar Fly
Spar Fly - Wind Finder
Spar Fly Extra Vane
SPC Low Battery Alarm
SPC Percent Meter
SPC Portable Percent Meter
SPC Three Battery Percent Meter
Spotlight - Night Blaster 1,000,000 (w/ box)
Spotlight - Night Blaster 500,000 (w/ box)
Spotlight (QBeam)
Star Finder (Military 2102-D)
Star Finder and Identifier
Steering Cable Lubrication System
Steering Rod Sealer & Lubricator - LUBE II
Sticky Pockets Organizer - Big
Sticky Pockets Organizer - Small
Stormglass - Brass
Stormglass - Chrome Plated Brass
Stormglass - Hook
Stormglass - Wall Mount Chrome
Stud Link Chain
Swivel Head Pocket Lite
Tamaya Practical Navigator - GPS (w/ box)
Telo Cat - Hobie 18 Adapter
Telo Grip Boating Gloves - Large
Telo Tiller Tamer
Temperature / Humidity Module
Thermohygrometer (w/ box)
Thermometer (old stock)
Thermometer [MAX/MIN - BCOOKE]
Thermometer Freight
Thermometer Maxi Dial
Thermometer Patio
Thermometer Pocket 1" Digital
Thermometer Window
Tide Gauge
Tilghman Box Chronometer (w/ box)
Time, Speed Distance Calculator
Triangle - Aristo
Triangle - Aristo
Triangle 6" [30 DEGREES]
Triangle Navigation INOUE Type (2 PCS/SET)
Trianlge 8" [30 DEGREES]
Trident Time and Tide 10" Dial (w/ box)
Vantage Pro2 Wireless
Vecta Rose, 12 Pack
Versa Brite
VHF Radio Transceiver (Model: Standard Horizon)
Victory Bell Clock and Wood Plaque
Weather Station (Barometer / Quartz Clock / Comfortmeter) (w/ box)
Weems Navigator Watch (Black Dial)
Weems Navigator Watch (white dial)
Weems Protractor 15 1/4"L x 5 1/8" W
Weems Steamboat Barometer (w/ box)
Weems Steamboat Clock
Westport Tide Clock (w/ box)
Wet Log - Waterproof logbook
Wind Direction Indicator
Wind Direction Indicator (Windex)
Wind Indicator / Weather Station (Weather Wizzard III)
Wind Monitoring Systems (Weatherlink (IBM DOS)
Wind Speed Indicator (Turbo Meter - Electronic)
Wind Speed Indicator (Wind Wizzard)
Windex Dinghy
Windex Dinghy
Windex Extra Vane
Windex Light (for perfect night sailing)
Windex Vane
Wooden Block
World Globe (4.7" or 12cm Diameter 15" or 37.5 Circumference) Escort Multi-Pack
World Globe (4.7" or 12cm Diameter 15" or 37.5 Circumference) Neon Assortment
World Globe (4.7" or 12cm Diameter 15" or 37.5 Circumference) The Zenith
World Time Clock (w/ box)