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Today, IMO has over 200 titles available in English. Many are translated into French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.

For your convenience, the 2010
publications catalogue (freedownload) lists all titles issued in printed and electronic format.

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The IMO-Vega DATABASE, Version 14 (2009)

IMO-Vega is an essential tool for anyone involved in shipping: shipowners and operators, shipbuilders, classification societies, casualty investigators, governments, insurers and underwriters, port authorities, surveyors and many others.

The IMO-Vega Database, developed jointly by IMO and Det Norske Veritas (DNV), puts all the necessary information at your fingertips. Given year of build, ship type, ship size, cargo, trade area and flag, IMO-Vega will quickly identify the requirements applicable to the ship in question.

Unlike other, similar products, IMO-Vega contains historical data – including regulations which have been superseded. In the context of Port State Control, for example, access to the correct historical regulations is essential.

Version 14.0 of IMO-Vega includes up-to-date texts, with all amendments adopted up to September 2009, of the following IMO requirements:

1974 SOLAS Convention, including 1978 and 1988 Protocols and all amendments

1966 Load Lines Convention, including the 1988 and 2003 Protocols

MARPOL 73/78, including all amendments

1978 and 1995 STCW Convention and Code, with amendments

1972 Collision Regulations

1969 Tonnage Convention

2004 Ballast Water Management Convention

International Bulk Chemical (IBC) Code, with amendments

International Gas Carrier (IGC) Code, with amendments

International Safety Management (ISM) Code

International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code

International Code of Safety for High-Speed Craft (HSC) 1994 and 2000

International Grain Code

Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing, as amended

Code of Safe Practice for Ships Carrying Timber Deck Cargoes, as amended

1989 Code for the Construction and Equipment of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (1989 MODU Code), as amended in 1991

International Code of Signals

International Life-Saving Appliance (LSA) Code

Recommendations on the Safe Use of Pesticides in Ships

International Convention on Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Co-operation (OPRC), 1990

OPRC-HNS Protocol 2000

International Code on Intact Stability, 2008

International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes Code (IMSBC Code)

Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships, 2009

Whereas only the most known requirements are listed above, the database also contains best safety-related documents issued by IMO, such as circulars, resolutions, etc.

IMO-Vega is also available as a web-based solution and can be accessed directly through your web browser provided you have a user ID and password. The web-based solution will be regularly updated when new IMO requirements are made available.

Supported operating systems: Windows 2000, XP or Vista

Important: Make sure you have the latest service pack and critical updates for the version of Windows that you are running. To find recent security updates, visit Windows Update. You must also be running Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 (or later) and Microsoft .NET Framework for all installations of IMO-Vega 14. If .NET Framework has not already been installed, it will need approximately 37 MB of hard disk space.

English D14A ISBN 978-92-801-70306

Standalone (1-user) Php41,888

(Php20,658 for update from version 13)

Each additional user Php20,658

(Php20,658 for update from version 13)

IMDG CODE for Windows, Version 9.2 (2009)

Features unique to the IMDG Code for Windows include:

• Contains the full text of the IMDG Code (34-08) and IMDG Code Supplement

• Searchable by Proper Shipping Name, UN Number and IMDG Code references

• Easy-to-use menus, on-screen user manual and help screens

• English, French and Spanish language options

• Multiple windows (MDI) for viewing multiple pages or substances

• Extensive cross-referencing

• On-screen colour displays of hazard labels, signs and marks

• Medical First Aid Guide and Emergency Schedules

• Easy generation and printing of a Dangerous Goods Note

• New in V9.2; improved text searching and label displays

A demonstration of version 9.0 of the IMDG Code for Windows can be downloaded from In order to activate this CD, you will need to buy an Advanced Purchase Code from

The text on this CD is available in English, French and Spanish.

Multilingual DG200M ISBN 978-92-801-70276

Standalone (1-user) Php14,998


Training of shore-side staff involved in the transport of dangerous goods by sea became mandatory from 1 January 2010 with the implementation of Amendment 34-08 of the IMDG Code. An e-learning course (computer-based training) is available online to help shippers, forwarders, shipping line booking staff, agents, container consolidators and packers comply with this requirement.

The objective of the course is to train shore-side personnel in the provisions of the IMDG Code to enable them to safely and efficiently perform their role in the transport of dangerous goods by sea. It is an interactive e-learning course that is downloaded from the website and activated with a code that can also be purchased through IMO distributors or online. During 2010 a web-based version will be available.

Each course can be configured according to the job functions specified in IMDG Code There is also a general awareness option for staff not directly involved in operations involving dangerous goods. There are tests taken at the end of each element (lesson) of the course and the average of these scores is shown in a final course completion certificate. IMDG Code e-learning is certified by Classification Society Det Norske Veritas against the international DNV Standard for Certification of Learning Programmes.

Full details, including a course demonstration, online brochure and pricing, are available on the website www.

English D211E ISBN 978-92-801-70030

Standalone (1-user) Php6,998

ASSEMBLY RESOLUTIONS on CD, Version 9 (2010)

The IMO Resolutions database contains recommendations and codes that have been formally adopted by IMO’s governing body, the Assembly, in the form of resolutions. The resolutions are published in book form after each session of the Assembly.

The contents of 26 printed volumes, comprising over 5900 pages of text, diagrams and photographs, have been set in version 9.0 so that the relevant texts can be found by subject category, year, session and number.

Version 9.0 of the database contains all Assembly resolutions from the 1st Assembly (1959) to the 26th (2009) in English. A linking system is available so that the user can easily move from one resolution to another that has revoked it. The database contains images of the original printed pages of all resolutions, which can be displayed on screen and printed.

Updates: The database will be updated every two years, after further IMO Assembly resolutions are adopted.

English D026E ISBN 978-92-801-70320

Standalone (1-user) Php7,398

SOLAS on CD, Version 7 (2009)

This CD provides a consolidated text of the Convention, its Protocols of 1978 and 1988 and amendments in force as on 1 July 2009.

A comprehensive cross-referencing and indexing system allows the user to navigate easily between the provisions of the Convention, its annex and related texts. Pages of the text and of the on-screen manual can be printed out.

English DG110E ISBN 978-92-801-70290

Standalone (1-user) Php5,998

ISPS CODE on CD, Version 1 (2003)

The International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code was adopted by a Conference of Contracting Governments to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), 1974 that was convened in London in December 2002.

This CD includes the ISPS Code, relevant amendments to the SOLAS Convention and other resolutions of the Conference relating to work that had to be completed before the Code could be implemented in 2004, revision of the Code, technical co-operation and co-operative work with the International Labour Organization and the World Customs Organization.

The text on this CD is available in English, French and Spanish

Multilingual D116M ISBN 978-92-801-70085

Standalone (1-user) Php1,998


This self-paced, self-contained e-learning course deals with marine accident and incident investigations. It is designed to provide a new marine accident investigator with the fundamental knowledge and understanding of an investigator’s role and responsibilities, and of the use and applicability of IMO and other international legislation and instruments. In particular, it draws upon IMO resolutions A.849(20) and A.884(21) (Code for the Investigation of Marine Casualties and Incidents) and IMO model course 3.11 (Marine Accident and Incident Investigation)

Main features of the learning platform:

• A structured, easy-to-use, HTML-based platform

• Interactive lessons in embedded tutor mode

• Embedded reviews of user learning outcomes

• Case studies from marine accident reports

• Self-assessment quizzes for direct feedback

• Direct access to all relevant IMO and other international legislation, codes and instruments on the CD

• Search and personal progress monitor functions

• How-to-use guidelines for self-paced study

• Links to appropriate internet sites

English D311E ISBN 978-92-801-70160

Standalone (1-user) Php2,988

OPRC on CD: MODEL COURSES 4.2, 4.3 AND 4.4, Version 1 (2006)

The model courses on oil pollution preparedness, response and co-operation (OPRC) have been developed to provide guidance, primarily to developing countries, for preparedness and response to marine oil spills from ships. Collectively, the suite of courses has been designed to address all aspects of oil-spill planning, response and management. Each course includes a course director’s manual, a participant’s manual, PowerPoint presentations for each course module and a course certificate.

This CD includes:

• OPRC Level 1: First Responder (Model Course 4.02)

• OPRC Level 2: Supervisor/On-Scene Commander (Model Course 4.03)

• OPRC Level 3: Administrator and Senior Manager (Model Course 4.04)

English D404E ISBN 978-92-801-70016

Standalone (1-user) Php7,998

MARPOL on CD, Version 3 (2006)

The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, 1973, as modified by the Protocol of 1978 relating thereto (better known as MARPOL), is one of the most important agreements on the subject of marine pollution.

This CD of the consolidated edition provides an easy reference to the up-to-date provisions and unified interpretations of the articles, protocols and annexes of the Convention. All amendments up to and including the 2006 Amendments adopted by the Marine Environment Protection Committee at its 54th session have been incorporated.

A comprehensive cross-referencing and indexing system allows the user to navigate easily between the provisions of the Convention, its Annexes and related texts. Pages of the text and of the on-screen manual can be printed out.

English DC520E ISBN 978-92-801-70139

Standalone (1-user) Php6,998

Update Php3,998

IMO LABELS AND SYMBOLS on CD, Version 3 (2007)

This CD is divided into the following four sections:

• Symbols related to life-saving appliances and arrangements (SOLAS regulation III/9.2.3, etc.)

• Symbols for Fire Control Plans (resolutions A.654(16) and A.952(23))

• International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code labels, marks and signs (IMDG Code, part 5)

• Code on Alarms and Indicators (resolution A.686(17))

All symbols are available as vector graphics and can be downloaded as .JPG or .EPS files suitable for CAD programs.

English D847E ISBN 978-92-801-70047

Standalone (1-user) Php4,998

Update Php2,998

SEAFARER’S MANUAL, Version 1 (2003)

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has adopted human element principles which, inter alia, require that future rules and regulations addressing seafarers directly are simple, clear and comprehensive.

Recognizing that many of the existing rules and regulations often mix requirements that apply to shipowners, seafarers, maritime administrations and others, the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) made funds available for the development of a comprehensive Manual on operational requirements for seafarers based on current IMO international conventions, related Codes and Assembly resolutions.

The Manual is comprised of an operations index that provides easy access to compendia of extracts of the texts of IMO operational requirements of direct relevance to seafarers. The compendia also include additional information extracted from IMO instruments that may assist seafarers in their work. The compendia are fully referenced to the relevant IMO instruments to facilitate further research, if required.

The extracts in the compendia forming this version of the Manual are from IMO instruments in force at the end of 2001.

English D900E ISBN 978-92-801-70177

Standalone (1-user) Php3,998

SHIPS’ ROUTEING on CD, Version 4 (2008)

Ships’ Routeing contains detailed information on all routeing measures formally adopted by the International Maritime Organization: traffic separation schemes, deep-water routes, mandatory ship reporting schemes and areas to be avoided by ships. The CD contains both text and chartlets of routeing measures, with direct links between the two.

Building on the success of version 3.0, version 4.0 incorporates all amendments up to and including those adopted in December 2007.

In addition to extensive amendments to existing traffic separation schemes, deep-water routes and areas to be avoided, new systems have been adopted in areas where there have previously been no measures: Off the Coast of Norway, South-West of Iceland, in the Baltic Sea, around the Galapagos Archipelago, and around the Canary Islands.

English DC927E ISBN 978-92-801-70207

Standalone (1-user) Php7,998

Update Php5,998

STCW on CD, Version 1 (2003)

The International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW), 1978, provides the legal framework within which global minimum standards of knowledge, understanding, experience and professional competence of seafarers may be achieved.

The STCW Code contains both mandatory technical standards and non-mandatory guidance for the use of those involved in educating, training or assessing the competence of seafarers or who are otherwise involved in applying the provisions of the STCW Convention.

STCW on CD contains the full texts of the STCW Convention and STCW Code as amended in 1995, 1998 and 2001, as well as several related resolutions and circulars, in English, French and Spanish.

Multilingual DB938M ISBN 978-92-801-70184

Standalone (1-user) Php3,898

IAMSAR MANUAL on CD, Version 5 (2008)

Jointly published by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the International Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue (IAMSAR) Manual is designed to assist States in meeting their own search and rescue (SAR) needs, as well as the obligations they accepted under the Convention on International Civil Aviation, the International Convention on Maritime Search and Rescue and the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea. It provides guidelines for a common aviation and maritime approach to organizing and providing SAR services.

The Manual is divided into three volumes, each of which is written with specific SAR duties in mind. Taken together, they provide a comprehensive view of the SAR system.

• Organization and Management (Volume I) discusses the global SAR system concept, establishment and improvement of national and regional SAR systems and co-operation with neighbouring States to provide effective and economical SAR services;

• Mission Co-ordination (Volume II) assists personnel who plan and co-ordinate SAR operations and exercises; and

• Mobile Facilities (Volume III) is intended to be carried aboard rescue units, aircraft and vessels to help with performance of a search, rescue or on-scene co-ordinator function, and with aspects of SAR that pertain to their own emergencies.

The IAMSAR Manual on CD includes all three volumes and all amendments up to 2007 in English, French and Spanish.

Multilingual DF960M ISBN 978-92-801-70269

Standalone (1 user) Php7,998

Update Php2,998

GMDSS MANUAL on CD, Version 4 (2009)

The GMDSS Manual provides, in a single comprehensive publication, an explanation of the principles upon which the GMDSS is based, the radiocommunication requirements and recommendations for its implementation, the operational performance standards and technical specifications to be met by GMDSS equipment, and the procedures for and method of operation of the various radio services which form the GMDSS and the Master Plan for the GMDSS.

The 2009 edition is fully updated and includes:

• Description of the development and the concepts of the GMDSS

• Description of the components of the GMDSS, the carriage requirements and the operational procedures

• Excerpts from the relevant SOLAS regulations for the GMDSS

• Supporting resolutions and circulars relevant to the GMDSS

• The IMO performance standards and related ITU-R Recommendations giving the technical detail of the radio equipment

• The NAVTEX Manual, the International SafetyNet Manual and the revised Joint IMO/IHO/WMO Manual on Maritime Safety Information (2009)

• The current GMDSS Master Plan giving the details of the coastal infrastructure and services provided by member administrations

• Extracts from the ITU-R Radio Regulations giving the radio regulatory background.

The Manual is intended for use by ship personnel, shore operators, trainers, administrations, regulators and anyone else concerned with ship communication.

English DD970E ISBN 978-92-801-70283

Standalone (1-user) Php6,998


The phrases of this guide can be selected by number, or found by searching for words, before they are played. This guide can be used as a learning aid to supplement the English, French and Spanish e-books, and can also be used with the French (IA987F) and Spanish (IA987S) editions of the printed book. These editions each include the phrases in English plus their translations in the other language.

English D987E ISBN 978-92-801-70153

Standalone (1 user) Php2,598

DVD: IMO – Safe, Secure and Efficient Shipping on Clean Oceans (2006 Edition)

The DVD illustrates, in words and images, the many different ways in which the objectives of the Organization – Safe, secure and efficient shipping on clean oceans – are achieved.

This 15-minute long DVD includes a choice of English, French and Spanish soundtracks and is recommended for anyone with a general interest in the work of IMO. It will be of particular interest to students at nautical colleges and teachers and lecturers involved in maritime training, but will also be suitable for use in commercial settings where maritime issues are relevant.

The DVD is in wide-screen NTSC with a screen resolution of 16:9 wide-screen. This will be suitable for use on most PCs and DVD players worldwide.

Multilingual V010M ISBN 978-92-801-70023



"Invaders from the Sea" gives a unique insight into an important environmental issue: the transfer of harmful organisms in ships’ ballast water. Filmed by the internationally renowned BBC Wildivision, this amazing story looks at how this phenomenon is affecting our coasts and millions of lives around the world and the measures taken by the global community to fight against these alien stowaways.

The DVD is in wide-screen NTSC with a screen resolution of 16:9 wide-screen. This will be suitable for use on most PCs and DVD players world-wide.

English V020E ISBN 978-92-801-70009



Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.

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