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ECDIS Update

Admiralty e-Navigator Workshop Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore on 19 and 20 January

Sea Asia 12-14 April 2011 The TIDES of Change Admiralty Five disruptive forces shaping the future world of work Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Heading Towards Mandatory ECDIS - How to Meet ECDIS Carriage Requirements 4th May 2011 Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza, Pasay City, Philippines

FUTURE OF NAVIGATION - PHILIPPINES8th November 2010 Century Park Hotel, Manila, Philippines

ECDIS is now a PRC Requirements for renewal of Deck Officer's COCPRC, Manila, Philippines

A Clear Vision for the Future of Navigation...

MORBAI brings you closer to the Future of Navigation. As you may have heard, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) will be mandating the use of Electronic Navigation starting 2012 across all maritime vessels to ensure safety of life at sea. MORBAI can prepare you for the future of Electronic Navigation � ensuring your company�s compliance, safety, reduced costs, improved operating efficiency, peace of mind, better voyage management, and better fleet management.

Sea ASIA 12-14 April 2011
The TIDES of Change
Five disruptive forces shaping the future world of work
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore



10 Steps To ECDIS Mandation.

You can download our helpful guide here in a handy PDF document which is perfect for printing.       Download 10 Steps to Mandation in PDF

Training STCW 1.27 Generic

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"The World's preferred ECDIS training provider" from the United Kingdom delivered at MORBAI Maritime Training Center in Intramuros, Manila, Philippines.

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The �TIDES of Change� at Sea Asia

Dean van Leeuwen made an astute choice in not trying to �talk shipping� in his Admiralty-sponsored seminar �TIDES of Change� at Sea Asia. Instead the �futurist� took a trot through the �disruptive forces of change� impacting business and encouraged the audience to ask themselves the questions.

In the event, there was plenty for delegates to chew over � change is of course a disruptive subject for this industry � but Leeuwen�s key point rang very true: don�t deal with the problems of the future with yesterday�s logic.

The TIDES themselves � Technology, Institutions, Demography, Environment and Societal Values � all had something to say to shipping.

Some pretty big institutions have been taken by surprise at the speed and shape of change. An ageing population that is not being replaced seems an unstoppable force of nature.

At the same time, generation Y is entering the workplace with very different ideas about the nature of work and loyalty to company or industry. The need to manage environmental exposure is a given but there is a growing acceptance that green business makes commercial sense � an observation which certainly struck a chord here.

That of course leaves the big one � technology.   Technology is changing, sure, but it also represents change itself. From dial-up internet to the internet of things � millions of connected devices all clamouring for our attention, Leeuwen suggested the challenge was not the technology per se but how we deal with the information it presents.

It need not be frightening. Leeuwen gave a neat example of a ground-level project. An IBM engineer living on the Isle of Wight, fed-up with the ferry company�s inability to tell him how the ships were running, combined public AIS data with Twitter to develop a system that kept him constantly updated.

Slightly more Blue-Sky was the use of advanced technologies, such as augmented reality which could provide crew working onboard ship with the information they need to repair equipment with input from shore.

As with all the TIDES, he said the key issue was not just to see them as disruptive � through they certainly had that potential � but to understand what each could mean to a business. Shipping has a tendency to ignore the issues it dislikes and it is far from alone in that.

But these change factors affect industries and sectors far beyond shipping and there is no reason to believe that shipping can escape them either.

Neville Smith


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